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Thank you for your interest in the Framework Merchant Empires project.

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In this site you will gradually find documentation on how to use the framework to make yourself an online game. The framework does not come with a client, leaving you, the developer, with a rich set of tools to make your own game just the way you want it.

What you need to know before you set this project up:

1. This project does not come with public html files (read: a client)
2. This project does not come with a trade or combat system
3. This project requires PHP version 5.1.2 or better

That being said, it won't be difficult to produce all this if you have a plan in place. You do have a plan, right? You aren't just going to wing it and let the code flesh itself out as you go? Since I just know you are so planned out it's sickening, we can get started.

Head over to the Getting Started page.