Framework Merchant Empires :: Developer FAQ


This information is for developers who wish to work with the Framework. If you are an end-user wanting to play the game, check out the End-User FAQ instead.

Where are the html files?
Well, they don't come with this release. In the future, clients will be available in the file release list but for now, only the back-end framework is available.

How do you know it works, then?
I am working closely with a couple of people who are actively generating a client alongside my framework. It looks beautiful so far, but there is still way too much intimacy between their work and mine.. Some of the scripts bundled in the initial release actually belong to them, but they have generously released them to me so I can get some packages up on SourceForge.

So some files may actually disappear from the releases?
Yes. The initial release 0.0.1 has a tight grip on it's assets (in this case, php scripts). It also gets pretty snippy about the location of it's files. In order to enforce good habits in my design, I'll have to rip some things out.

Then what will be left after all is said and done?
The maestro class, the session handler, some facilities for authentication and groups, a messaging system (much like a forum), an ajax server, and a game development API. Not to mention at least one playable client.

Do you need help with the coding?
Not for the framework, but thank you for asking. If you are truly interested in helping out, then start communicating with me on making your own client. The framework is going to be a KISS thing, and too many cooks can all too easily spoil the soup. Picture the final game as four separate components: the framework, the trade system, the combat system, and the client. I intend on completing all four, but the goal of this project is the framework.

Seems like alot of other games out there.
Seriously? Noooooo... I didn't notice... Oh crap... you are RIGHT! You get a cookie now!

Developers rarely complain about this because they understand how derivatives work and they have a grasp of the concept of inheritance. Just in case you must know, this project is inspired by Merchant Empires, which is inspired by Trade Wars and Space Merchants. If you move that far up the family tree and take a look south, you will see 40-60 knock-offs of various disciplines.

I'll bet you a dollar that I'll spend the next 10 years repeating this.

Back to the code, where is the API
It's coming... I swear. One of the big things that the API needs to expose to game plugins is the navigation system. Right now the framework supports hexagonal and square navigation,

This faq will be continued as soon as I get some more FAQs in my inbox.