Framework Merchant Empires :: Tutorial :: Getting Started


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The first step, if you haven't done so already, is to obtain the package files for the framework from the SourceForge download page. Obviously, this process goes much smoother if you have the files.

Unzip the package somewhere OUTSIDE of your public html root. It does not really matter where, I guess, but in my opinion, some of the files shouldn't be accessible by the public. Keep track of where you put the files, because you will need access to them later on.

More specifically, the code directory of the package has a file called "include_me.php" which should be included by the public scripts wanting to use the framework. You will need the path to this file. Jot it down, and head over to your public html folder.

Set yourself up a folder accessible by the public via a web browser. I don't know how your system is configured, but on my system I have both a wwwroot and a public_html set up (one for Apache and the other for IIS). If you are running a game on a web server, then you should be able to do this step. If not, then you are going to have a long and bumpy ride ahead of you.

Checkpoint! You have your package unzipped and your public folder set up where you are going to host the game. Alrighty! Let's configure our application and set up MySQL...

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